Special Seminar Traffic Police with Transport ( 1st September 2016 )

Mayor World School organized a special Seminar for its drivers, bus conductors and female attendants on the topic Traffic rules, Signs and Signals. The workshop was conducted under the experienced guidance of dignitaries like respected Police Commissioner Mr. Arpit Shukla and A.D.C.P traffic Mr. Ravinder Pal Singh.

The instructors Mr. Ramesh Kumar and Mr. Rajinder Mehta (A.S.I Traffic) gave vital lessons on road rules to the audiences. They taught them how to handle children right from when they board the School bus till the time they get off and reach their homes safely. They were appealed to follow traffic rules and not to violate traffic signals under any circumstance. They were asked to follow speed limits. They also mentioned that a well equipped first aid box was to be compulsorily kept in each of the buses. They appreciated that our School buses were running in complete compliance with the guidelines issued by the honorable Punjab and Haryana High courts.

The Seminar was presided over by the Vice Chairperson, Mrs Neerza Mayor and the Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal. They felt that it was a much needed seminar and was indeed very informative and enlightening. The School thanks the traffic authorities for their effort.