Stop the Spots (16th October 2018)

“The power of noble deeds is to be preserved and passed on to the future.”

Mayorites, as always extended an empathetic hand to make this world a safer and more hygienic place for the women from underprivileged strata of this society.

Today, on 16th October, 2018, the members of the Student Council attended workshop initiated by a grandmother, Ms. Indu Singh, and parent Ms. Reeti Singh and Ms. Vidhu Jain.

The students and the helpers of the School participated in this informative workshop for a social cause.

The workshop dealt with the practice of safe and hygienic methods, to save women from the fatal diseases caused due to the usage of rags during menstrual cycle.

They were taught to make cheap and hygienic sanitary napkins which can help them to stay away from the dreadful diseases caused due to poor hygiene. All the members of student council along with 20 Mayorites associated with the campaign participated enthusiastically irrespective of their gender.

Bundles of handmade sanitary napkins were handed over to the female helping staff. The “Stop the Spot” organisation gives away the sanitary napkins free of cost to the women from slums, villages and backward areas.


The helping staff expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards the Management and especially Ms. Neerza Mayor, the Vice Chairperson for the initiative. The Principal Ms. Suman Rana also acknowledged that hygienic living is the basic need of humanity. 


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