Students Council Voting Grades VI to XII (21st May 2018)


Mayor World School has always been an important arena for equipping their students with a wide knowledge of the world around them.

Keeping with the spirit of making their students an all rounder Council Elections were held as a pedagogical tool to make teaching about politics more interesting. The effort was undertaken to make the students politically aware, bring competence among them and to turn them out as better voters for tomorrow.

The elections were presided over by our worthy and respected “Vice Chairperson Mrs. Neerza Mayor.” Students from grade X and XII, who nominated themselves underwent a number of interviews held both by the school authorities and teachers. The candidates also had group discussions with school students regarding civic issues. The candidates were given a fair chance to convince the voters to vote for them. They prepared for almost two weeks in advance for the elections. Students for grade VI to XII enthusiastically participated in voting and choosing the Council Members.

Vice Chairperson acknowledged that the main aim of elections was to spread awareness among the students and introduce them to different ideas and concepts of democracy. She rightly added that by inculcating leadership qualities at grass root level we would be grooming them become better individuals as “Today’s youth would be tomorrow’s leaders.”


Photo Gallery For Student Council Voting