USA Educational Trip (20th Sep 2017)

Mayor World School organized an international trip to NASA, United States of America from 20th September to 3rd October, 2017. This trip is a step towards promoting educational and recreational learning for the students. A group of 19 students accompanied by the Principal and a teacher is on board to NASA.


The main objective of the trip is to explore new dimensions. During the trip students will have an extraordinary experience in NASA, Orlando where they will witness the new advancements and technological gadgets in space research. There are numerous activities that have been planned for the students. The trip will jump start with a 3 days rocketory camp. The first day of the program will be an introduction to Rocketory History, working and construction and the space shuttle Atlantis Tour. This will be followed by Computer Simulation and Trajectory Analysis, Thrust and Nozzle Testing. Progress in the field of technology will also be displayed. The last day of the trip is expected to be learning with experience wherein the students will have an organized lunch with a NASA Astronaut. They will enrich their knowledge with the challenges faced by astronauts.


The real fun of world’s most thrilling parks has also been arranged for the students. They will be visiting Disney World and The Sea World. Students will also experience the thrill of the Niagara Falls, Empire State building, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Last but not the least the group will visit New York, the city of sky scrapers. The Management, Staff and Parents were present at the station for a warm send-off ceremony. Team NASA will board flight from New Delhi.