Visit to Shahede- Azam Bhagat Singh Museum Grades III to V ( 5 Nov'16 )

Children of Grade 3-5 had a wonderful experience of visiting the historical site at village Khatkar Kalan to pay homage to the great martyr S.Bhagat Singh. Children visited the museum 'Shahede- Azam Bhagat Singh Museum' which is commemorative tribute to him and his compatriots.

Resource material in the museum relating to the martyrs made the children aware of the great sacrifices made by the patriots. They asked the pertinent questions which were answered to their satisfaction by the teachers accompanying them. They saw the pictures, half burnt bones, clothes, some old newspapers soiled with the blood of the martyr and the pen with which the death sentence was sighned.

Children also visited S.Bhagat Singh's ancestral house which has been converted to a historical site and it showcases his belongings.

Children enjoyed the visit which was was well appreciated by the parents. We salute the martyrs who laid down their lives for a better future for India.