Visit to the Government Primary School Grade III-V ( 25 Oct'16 )

One of its own kind exposure was experienced by the students of Grade III-V, during their visit to the government primary school, Gara. 

The Mayorites presented a skit in the morning assembly, based on 'Avoid Polythene; Choose Life', describing and briefing the students of the government school about the harmful effects of using poly bags. 

The students enjoyed the assembly and pledged to make their school as Polythene Free Zone. 

The aim behind taking the children to the institution was to teach them to feel gratitude for being the privileged ones and understand the virtue of sharing. 

The Mayorites collected and carried many eatables like biscuits, cakes, chocolates, juices etc for their under privileged counter parts and were enthralled to catch a smile on their faces. 

The Mayorites interacted with them and came to know the hardships faced by these children in pursuing their education.