Visit to the HDFC Bank (2nd Nov 2017)


 The students of Grade XI & XII got hand-on exposure at the HDFC Bank as part of their study trip on Thursday,  November 2,  2017. The students were accompanied by their Commerce teachers, Mr. Harpreet Singh and Ms. Ritu Sharma.


The manager of the HDFC Bank, Mr. Udhav Dada, briefed the students about the working of the bank through bank documents like pay-in-slip, RTGS form, Account opening form etc. While answering the queries of the students, he explained in depth about the clearance of cheque, Non-performing assets, foreign currency reserve of the bank etc.


Afterwards, students were shown different bank counters and were explained the working of each counter. The students were given Current account opening form, Saving account opening form and pay-in-slip, so that, they can use them in their project works.


At the end, students were awarded with certificate by the bank authorities and also refreshment was served.


It was an informative educational excursion. The students learned the whole process pragmatically.