Workshop on Language Enhancement (5th October 2019)


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”----Anthony J. D'Angelo

If students are the beings around whom the formal education system revolves then believe that teachers play a pivotal role in the same system. A well aware, well informed and well versed teacher can only meet the expectations of the students of today.  

A fructiferous workshop on Language Enhancement and Teaching Methodologies for Poetry and Prose was organised on 5th October, 2019 in the School campus. Mr. Asher R. Jesudoss, the resource person empowered the teachers with contemporary teaching-learning methodologies.He brushed up the concept of multiple intelligences and how to fulfil the individual needs of students through various audio-visual aids and activities. It was emphasised that to learn a language two factors are most important- Need and Environment.

The teachers were apprised of the  principles of learning a language which included Acquisiton Learning Hypothesis, Monitor Hypothesis, Natural Order Hypothesis, Mindfulness Hypothesis, etc. He emphasised that grammar is not the key to learn a language, but a acts as rule book for the same. A child should spend more time with language rather mugging up grammar rules. Teachers should suggest some good, affluent speakers and ask students to listen to them, adapt their language skill to become a good orator. 

To master a language, it’s important to think, analyse and communicate in that language. Under Buddy School system, students are attached and made to communicate with the students of other countries where the language is spoken by the natives. 

Monitor Hypothesis deals with the individuals who either monitor their skill too much or not at all. A teacher should encourage those who monitor themselves and work on errors of those who do not monitor their linguistic skill.

Other than this, the correct input from teacher and her proficiency over the subject is of great importance for unlearning is far more  tedious for a child than learning. 

Keeping a child involved in the classroom and assigning them age appropriate knowledge would keep him busy.
The Vice Chairperson Ms. Neerza Mayor, the Director, Ms. Sarita Madhok attended the workshop along with the Deputy Vice Principal, Ms Charu Trehan, Headmisress, Ms. Aarti Gulati and 25 teachers. Such workshops are of great importance for teachers as they not only polish their skills but acquaint them with the recent development in the field of education, especially languages. Such interactive sessions are part and parcel of the organisation.
Photo Gallery for Workshop on Language Enchancement