Workshop on Puberty (24-28th Aug '15) (for Grades VI - VIII)

Adolescence is the time of transition when we introduce our children to the physical and psychological changes that take place during this period.

A special workshop on puberty, for Grade VI-VIII (separately for girls and boys) was organised. Under the guidance of the Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal, Ms. Shipra Khanna,  Ms.Pooja Arora and Ms.Rebecca Sagar undertook the workshop and passed vital information to them. Students took keen interest and raised many queries. They were made aware about the changes in their feelings and how to handle them effectively.

They were prepared to accept the physical changes caused due to this. The Director Ms. Jyoti Nagranee and the Principal Mr. J.S. Hundal presided over the workshop and found it quite awakening and informative.