• Tennis Court

    The Lawn Tennis Academy was established in 2013. The School has the best synthetic Tennis Court in Punjab. Under the …

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  • Splash Pool

    At Mayor Galaxy, we have a fascinating splash pool customised to the needs of the children. The pool is maintained …

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  • Dining

    Balanced “good-mood-food” A professional dietician approves of the menus that are put together by a Committee of students and teachers. …

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  • Basketball

    Instituted in 2017, the Basketball Academy provides skill based training and develops deep into tactical aspects working on team set …

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    Mayor World School is committed to adopting the best practices of Mayo College.

    The origin of Mayo College, one of the oldest public Schools in the country, dates back to 1869. Mayo was designed to make British gentlemen out of Indian princes. Years after its first student, Maharaja Mangal Singh of Alwar, rode into the campus on an elephant.
    Our aim is to bring out the best in every student. We trace and follow their academic progress in an enriched environment and enable them to develop their talents.
    To provide for children a School where education is child-centered, ethical and robust, an environment which is stimulating, friendly and cultivates a passion for learning and fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity to develop, sustain and maintain academic excellence; cares for and accepts diversity and where children will recognize and achieve their fullest potential in a liberal landscape of learning.

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    1. The new session will commence from Thursday, 8th April 2021.
    2. The PTM for Pre primary is scheduled on Thursday, 8th April 2021.
    3. The new session from Nursery to grade IX will commence from Thursday 15th April 2021
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