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Mr. Rajesh Mayor
Chairman cum Managing Director
Mayor World School, Jalandhar


Thanks you for showing interest in Mayor World School. It gives me an opportunity to share with you, the philosophy behind the making of the School.

Mayor World School is a labour of love. A love for being instrumental in shaping the lives of young  , innocent children entrusted to our care, a love for excellence in their overall development, a love for providing the very best to impressionable minds and hearts.

Initially, when I began to define my dream of world-class institution, I could immediately correlate with Mayo College, Ajmer.

A heritage institution that has shaped the lives of thousands of students, Mayo College is rightly called the “Eton of the East”. Widely acclaimed for its rigour for global best practices, it has been a beacon of light for a young School like Mayor World, which is guided by the same philosophy.

For us, quality exceeds quantity at all levels. Why else would we have only 24-26 children per class and why would our teacher-taught ratio be 1:14? We are not just another School that teaches only the curriculum. We believe that every student is an ambassador of the School and so he must learn to strive for perfection at all times. Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities. It is about success in real life, discovering a child’s innate talents, excitement in learning new things, being a good human being and a contributing citizen. However, not enough is being done about it.

Complete development is what we deeply believe in. Academics, arts, sports , etiquette and general awareness are all very important parts of our curriculum. Keeping abreast of technology but not forgetting our traditions, employing international best practices yet retaining our ‘Indian-ness , is what sets us apart. We are a School where tradition is married to modernity and where no stone is left unturned to ensure a world-class experience for our children.

Mayor World School has chosen the path of educating children as opposed to Schooling them. Over twelve hundred parents already believe in our way of bringing up children.

Because their dream is the same as my dream.
Best wishes.

Rajesh Mayor