Smt. Sarita Madhok

Mayor World School, Jalandhar.

Dear Parents,

As stakeholders in the future of our children, it is our responsibility to equip them  with  the skills and values that will shape them into proactive and productive adults.

It is therefore important that School and home influences work together to provide a positive direction to children.

I invite all the parents to join the School’s efforts in grooming our children into young individuals who:

  • Possess a positive outlook.
  • Make the best use of opportunities available to them.
  • Are sensitive and responsive to the needs of others.

As parents you can help by being positive yourself i.e.

  • Talking  positively about issues, events and people around you.
  • Understanding that academic achievements are only one of the many essential tools of success in life.
  • Providing unconditional love.

Let us together assist our young learners to discover. Not just joy in learning, but also the joy of sharing.
With Best Wishes.      

Sarita Madhok
Mayor World School