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Ms. Neerza Mayor
Vice Chairperson
Mayor World School, Jalandhar.

“The process of Education should always aim at progressively discovering our ignorance.”

There is no greater calling than to educate the young – dedication, drive and determination, give our environment an edge over any other. The journey of one decade has been fascinating – the myriad trusting faces that are waiting to be moulded into global citizens. Like that of the proverbial potter, support and guidance create that magic Mayor World is well-known for. In my involvement with teachers and students, I have discovered that everyone is good at something and every single person has something worth-while to contribute. At Mayor World School, we always remember that “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Just as each School is unique so is every child’s educational experience, reflecting as it does their individual personalities. Mayor World School strives to achieve for every child a positive experience of learning and personal development that we call the “Mayor World Experience.”

All the best,
Neerza Mayor
Vice Chairperson